What Are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young vegetable greens, which have been harvested at a very early stage in the plant's life cycle. They’re known not only for their high concentration of nutrients, but also for their intense aromatic flavor.

Microgreens have been used by chef’s since the early 80’s. Originally, they were used for their capability to greatly enhance a dish’s flavor and texture. However, as time has passed and interest in these young plants grew, researchers began to recognize the health benefits associated with them.

Research has shown that these small plants have incredible qualities. Studies suggest that, compared to its full grown counterpart, a microgreen can have nearly 40 times more nutrients. 1 Now this doesn’t suggest that one should stop eating regular vegetables altogether. However, it does reveal how much easier reaching daily nutritional values can be with microgreens.

To reach these goals, many turn to multivitamin pills and powders. In theory, this does allow you to achieve these goals; Yet, in practice, many synthetic supplements fall short. It is important to understand that while a pressed vitamin pill may offer high numbers, there is always the concern of bioavailability--the ability of a food or supplement to be effectively absorbed and utilized by your body. The body has a way of absorbing vitamins and nutrients at a much higher rate with naturally occurring foods, like microgreens, than it does with many unnatural products. 2

So how is it that these tiny plants have such incredible properties? Simply put, it’s the amazing ability of nature. Nothing about our process is artificial or synthetic. We don’t use any unnatural chemicals in our growing process. We simply manipulate the natural lifecycle of the plant to attain the results that we’re after.

When using microgreens, you can take full confidence in knowing that you’re not just making a healthy decision, but a responsible one. By living the microgreen lifestyle, you’re also supporting sustainable living. The production of microgreen foods is a highly efficient process. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and lower your demands on the earth’s natural resources.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer? It means that you can take confidence that the claims behind microgreens are well supported by science. So why not give it a try? Let Rocky Point Farm introduce you to the microgreen world with a free sample pack, or head over to our web store to check out the microgreens we offer!